The Form Showflat Canninghill Piers
The Form Canninghill Piers Showflat

Canninghill Piers Project Is Located Within The Amazing Place of Clarke Quay Near River Valley Road with MRT Stations, Shopping Malls, Fort Canning Park, and much more. If you want to read about the whole project then click on these pages | Location | Price | Developers and also don’t forget to register with us Here

As you know that project is being constructed and it’s under construction so we can’t show every single side but yes there are limited slots available so you can book an appointment via the below form and get in touch with us.

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Get Exclusive access to the Canninghill Piers Showflat view and also further updates on this project. Canninghill Piers Singapore.

You can register your email and telephone number so we will keep you updated with the Canninghill Piers’s progress and also when it’s ready we will be ready to show you.

Gallery suites or you can say showroom is still open for the public but because of safety reasons, it’s only limited with few slots. So don’t get late

Call/WhatsApp us directly at +65 9857 7596 or fill the form for an exclusive demonstration today.